Network anti Mafia foot step ahead

      as Internet technology has no end, combat hackers initiatives must also change rapidly, the so-called "the man", Chinese network anti black still has a long way to go.

      the truth is "foreign government website was Chinese military hacker attacks", in China surmise threat theory and political level, fade in the end. Behind the network security should be reminded, but often ignored in political discourse.

      networked computers do not take security precautions, as long as it is open, one day it will become the prey of hackers." Xu Rongsheng, the chief scientist of China’s National Computer Network Intrusion Prevention Center admitted that China’s information security situation is very grim.

      network anti black, what is missing in China?

      more interconnected, more dangerous

      only in the first half of 2007, the mainland of China was implanted Trojan horse IP far more than last year, an increase of 21 times the number of tampered sites increased by more than the same period last year by 4 times.

      as a landmark event in China’s Internet last year, "panda burning incense" virus has become a nightmare for many Internet users. Virus from the end of 2006 began to wreak havoc, as of February this year, a total of 110 thousand IP addresses were found infected.

      Chinese in early hackers, the original "Green Corps" members of Zhou Shuai’s eyes, the only real Internet security measures of physical partition, "the door must have been welded seam, invasion possible".

      this is not his speech, today’s hackers technology early is Sino US hacker wars when sea tactics, keep each other PING web site, or throw a parcel bomb, to plug other bandwidth in network "in the circle, that is eight hundred out of one thousand enemy suicide tactics".

      hackers now mainly rely on remote attacks, one for the server to find bugs, and other network intrusion, spread, the other is for individual users, remotely implanted trojan. Trojan technology used by hackers, are customized, general virus software and firewalls will not respond."

      in order to track and anti stealth, now hackers often use the third party attack, namely the selection of cross regional or cross borders third party computer or server as a springboard, once the other track, almost impossible to trace the source of the final attack. >


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