Gaming domain failed to live up to expectations, only 10 million hands

April 29th news, foreign media news, the domain name gaming platform Sedo recently in overseas sales to $2 million 500 thousand price of the transaction, about 16 million 250 thousand yuan, so far has become the highest price of the transaction has confirmed the domain name.

A lot of

industry for the new owner of the identity domain name speculation, query understanding, the domain name holder information still shows the old club held, but the domain name DNS server is a British media information display (MEDIACORPHOST.CO.UK) industry speculation, or new buyers may be the company. Although the domain name did not reach the expected price of 9 million, but it is undeniable that the domain name transaction price is good. the domain name can be translated into gambling, speculation, can reflect the characteristics of the industry, the gaming industry is a typical domain name, the domain name is the original holder of U.S. new media company (Media Corp), the company in November last year, because of the need to return the funds to take the sale of domain name, after the website is an online gambling game site provide, bridge, poker, roulette and other online gambling games for users to bring traffic monthly high efficiency.

game domain more investment opportunities, especially the gambling business investment domain higher profits, coupled with the overseas market for the gambling market norms (loose parts of the United States has admitted to online gambling legalization), gambling games are more popular, the future domain more gambling market.


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