6 enterprises in the content of the reasons for the failure of marketing

with the prosperity of social media, content marketing has become more and more prosperous. But even the market for many years, how to really understand to content marketing? We may be in the process, there will still be some common mistakes.

U.S. LikeableLocal CEO, DaveKerpen in order to better understand the content marketing, what can not be done. He and the founder of the Institute of content marketing JoePulizzi exchange. Joe share marketing staff to do content marketing, the most likely to make mistakes. Of course, Joe also tells us how to avoid these problems.


1 they do not subscribe to the policy

Joe talked about a big company’s CMO, the CMO to Joe describes an online content process, this process is in all social media advertising and post. Although the company is able to produce a large amount of content every quarter, it doesn’t cover the way readers subscribe.

yes, the content has attracted millions of customers to the company’s website, and now there are more fans than the company’s Facebook home page. But it has zero subscribers. Think about it, if it can allow those people to subscribe to, it is not able to recruit hundreds of thousands of "fans"? If it does, the company can be distinguished from non subscribers in subscribers. Do they buy more? Are they potential customers or clients? Do they have more relationships with customers and companies?)

2 they failed to encourage brand marketers

Joe tells the story of JohnAdams. Since 1973, JohnAdams has been playing drums on the Cleveland Indians’ main field. In a sense, JohnAdams should be the biggest fan of the Cleveland indians. Cleveland Indian marketing department and JohnAdams work together for many years, the future to help him, so that his story can be a household name. Not only do they regularly publish content about John on the team’s web page, they also let John take part in radio interviews to help John appear in the Cleveland newspaper. JohnAdams is an inspiration for other Indian fans, and the Indians like to enhance the loyalty and influence of John.

but if the Indians invited other fans to provide their own articles, videos and photos, or other ways to tell their story will not support the team, more momentum


3 they still let their creators secret

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