Good eyesight advertising repeatedly illegal electricity supplier channels are also suspected

due to "false propaganda" by the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice named, good eyesight eye paste production enterprises in Zhengzhou City Xin Shiming Technology Engineering Company Limited to the "daily economic news" reporter responded that being rectification, false propaganda "for the individual distribution company and agents".

, however, the reporter yesterday (October 11th) survey found that good eyesight close to the past few years due to false propaganda has repeatedly been named by the relevant departments, but also involves a number of provinces, municipalities and regions.

it is worth noting that, even if it is said to have a comprehensive rectification, some of the publicity related to e-commerce platform still has obvious false propaganda move. This is a good vision for the business platform or business platform for the network is still unknown?. In this regard, as a reporter yesterday, Zhengzhou City Xin Shiming Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. did not give a response.

several times on the blacklist

company for the first time self-examination and accountability, has carried out a comprehensive investigation and rectification." Although Zhengzhou Xin Shiming company official yesterday (October 10th) to accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, after verification, there are individual distribution company and part of agents to change the advertising content, illegal propaganda.

the company found in the course of the investigation, the Jiangxi market agents and Ningbo distribution company advertising irregularities exist, and has done the corresponding treatment.

but reporters learned yesterday, the above false advertising is not an individual dealer". In a public report, good eyesight eye paste false advertising in recent years has suffered a number of public questioning, good eyesight eye stickers have repeatedly boarded the food and Drug Administration on the blacklist".

as early as 2006, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce on the emergency ban three false advertising, including a good eye paste. In 2010, the Chongqing Municipal Food and drug administration were also investigated, the advertisement can be thought of as "unscientific assertions or to ensure that the use of medical institutions, experts and patients name and image as proof".

in 2012, the famous fake people Wang Hai in April at the good eyesight eye paste abuse batch, hype, illegal sales, consumer fraud.

released the Inspection Bureau of food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of Yunnan province "in 2012 first illegal advertising of medical devices, the exposure of the bulletin from 1 to March in the province issued a list of serious illegal advertising of medical devices, including good eyesight eye patch. Hohhot food and drug administration according to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region authorities issued the "on" dragon Bushen Mixture "and other 29 kinds of illegal advertising of medicines and medical equipment sales to suspend the implementation of the announcement" in May, "good vision eye" to stop selling. The suspension includes Jiangxi, Fuzhou.

even if it is a good eye paste production site in Henan, in the province >


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