A5 accompany me into the career

do webmaster time is not long, found that the life of the webmaster really hard. But only 1 short months of my site every day now have 1500IP, the PR value also recently to 4, Baidu included every day in my own website, for what the rankings do not have to worry about. Every day sit money into my wallet drill, all.

some people say to do a website like children, from when he was a kid he had raised, a little bit of care and care, only gradually grow and independent. You start to pay for his investment, he can take charge as chief of grow up, for you to make money, profitable. Think about is this truth, everyone knows that everything is hard in the beginning, to raise children or do it, the beginning is the most difficult to do.

but I do not stand in the career of the most difficult moments. He had decided to do stand, always take it as a sideline, want to earn money. But found himself to do stand is not very understanding, for the domain name is always choose to choose do not know how to start. At that time I was in his mind an account, is to buy a new domain name to do a website, or find a bit of sensual website over down to


for a novice webmaster, if the station to do not understand, I suggest you buy a ready-made web site to existing website based, can be based on the continued efforts, so whether it is money or time and experience than their own beginning station efficiency and effect. I decided to find some online forums on the web site to see if they have the right, no words from the beginning is not too late. But found that has not been found to satisfy their own, in a communication with other webmasters, the webmaster told me that the A5 website trading good, there are many types, you can consider.

was heard of the webmaster network, just look at the news website home page, no specific understanding of the forum. Try holding the attitude I opened the A5 forum that every day there are a lot of people in a large number of buy site http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-215-1.html, are thousands of transactions A5 Trading Forum every month, and you can query to 300 transactions recorded recently, which makes me doubt mood down half. Always heard that some buyers are deceptive, gave the money to not give you the site. Now such a trading intermediary platform for our owners of money is also a protection. Forum of the transaction is also transparent, there is no integrity of the sale to buy both sides, the forum also promptly inform the webmaster, it can be said to be very intimate, is a platform for the exchange of our webmaster services.

was found to buy their own station in constant search for information, feel the price is reasonable, the basis of site is good, but I cannot be sure this website is really like it so well, I consulted the A5 website trading forum administrator, he showed me how to go to a website the establishment of the pr value, flow, history, daily >


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