Third quarter e-commerce integration trend significantly expanded

in the third quarter of the latest research report shows: China e-commerce industry to penetrate more deeply, the B2C market will show a clear tendency to expand in 2009, C2C on behalf of the future trend of online shopping enterprises began to get involved in B2C business. E-commerce integration era is coming. This trend is the general manager of Shenzhen PT37 e-commerce platform Chen Zongjian has long been grasped, and pioneered the industrial cluster ecological chain vertical marketing B2B2C2C2B e-commerce platform model.

The status of

China e-commerce market is the e-commerce platform integrated transaction types occupy the leading position, in 2009 the overall economic downturn trend, B2B operator revenues amounted to 29234 million yuan; at the same time to expand the B2C C2C platform, B2C leading enterprise product line gradually integration.

data show that the number of Internet users by the end of 2009 third quarter Chinese reached 359 million, Chinese network has been expanded to more than 63 million quotients. Compared with the second quarter of 2009, the largest e-commerce behavior occurred in the city of Shenzhen jumped from third to second.

Shenzhen as a frontier city of reform and opening up, IT Internet, logistics industry is developing rapidly, to provide a broad channel for the development of electronic commerce in Shenzhen, mostly small and medium sized enterprises are willing to take the electronic commerce as a means of marketing.

PT37 e-commerce platform has the forefront of technology and e-commerce model, just on the line by the small and medium enterprises in Shenzhen hot". Shenzhen PT37 electronic commerce platform with independent intellectual property rights of "PT37 – 4S+1 integration theory (4S refers to the SNS social network service, SAAS software as a service, SOA service oriented architecture, SIR line 1 refers to the actual service, an online electronic government supervision system), to provide application of intelligent electronic commerce website for China enterprises in different industries, this is for small and medium-sized enterprises and build highly industrial cluster e-commerce trading platform, the platform pioneered the ecological chain of industrial clusters of vertical circulation marketing B2B2C2C2B e-commerce model, the construction of e-commerce information technology to boost sme.

information technology is the basis for the development of e-commerce, the weaker the more difficult the development of information technology, the more the need to build a platform for service providers, to provide them with the social information services. According to the PT37 e-commerce platform general manager Chen Zongjian introduction, PT37 will be the resource of industry chain and online entity resource virtual industry chain full integration, formation of commercial society platform, the reality of the actual situation of the commercial online social platform, the relevant government departments online and three party combination of modern e-commerce trading platform; and can provide the most accurate target consumer groups, the most suitable cooperative groups, the direct product and service platform, the most effective marketing effect.

third quarter, the latest research report, with the diversification of the development of e-commerce services, as well as the upper and lower reaches of the industry chain control >


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