Kara Sun Taoran the essence of enterprise has never changed.

by sina finance, people’s daily (client), Wu Xiaobo channel CO produced "tribute era driving force — the 20 thousand and 160 economic person of the year" award ceremony will be held in the grand performing arts center in Beijing in January 10th. Lacarra holdings chairman and CEO Mr. Sun Taoran hereby help "20 thousand and 160 economic person of the year".



holdings chairman and President Sun Taoran (data plan)

sina science and Technology Xu Li

January 8th, Hurun released 2017 "new financial China 50 list, La Laden list. As a leader in the affirmation of the past year the new financial industry, this list published at the same time, we also presented the person of the year award, Lacarra holdings chairman and President Sun Taoran was elected "2017 Hurun China new financial industry annual influential man".

In addition to the

awards, Sun Taoran in the past 2016 and also have access to the Phoenix 2016 annual Chinese economic leaders "and" 2016 "extraordinary bazaar men entrepreneurs and other individual awards.

2016 this year, regardless of the company or Kara Sun Taoran personally, is of great significance for a year. This year, Kara listing difficult, Sun Taoran out; after the company restructured, split, its payment group, Kara and then seek listing, Sun Taoran full of confidence.


has been established for ten years, prior to this, Sun Taoran founded the life express, BlueFocus, business and other 5 companies, involving the media, public relations, financial services and other aspects. In the current words, it can be described as a very successful entrepreneur. Sun Taoran in an interview with sina admits, do Kara mentality has been different from the previous five times, "I think of it as an ultimate enterprise to do, I want to create a great enterprise Lacarra in my mind."

The termination of the

before the reorganization of the delayed lakala to become a great company time." Sun Taoran said regretfully. But Sun Taoran still believe that Kara will become a "great", for this, until now he is convinced.

in the view of Sun Taoran, entrepreneurs never just entrepreneurs themselves, their own business in more than 20 years, Sun Taoran said "the essence of entrepreneurship has never changed". Sun Taoran of sina said neither venture last year and the year before being sought after by the tall, should use the "entrepreneurial hero" words to name it, not like thirty years ago it was not to be seen, that is "the sea" and "profiteers".

compared to the previous venture in the field, Sun Taoran admitted that the financial sector is the most difficult to do. "There is no diamond, can not embrace porcelain work. Finance is not a porcelain work, finance is the China shop, it’s too expensive, looked very easy, in fact, a huge risk." Sun Taoran recognition


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