FlashMdy happy line

FlashMdy happy line: a north-south interoperability software to solve the problem of Netcom and telecom bottlenecks. Netcom users often find people who visit the site to play the game will be very slow, for what reason, a lot of sites are using telecommunications lines, so you slow! Telecom users also often feel that access Netcom website or play Netcom game is slow! What is the bottleneck problem of Telecom and netcom! And that’s what FlashMdy’s happiness is doing! Let everyone visit what station, what game to play, have the same feeling of flying.

need only visit the official website http://s.flashmdy.com/ to download our happy (there are two old and new versions, with user habits, choose) is green version, the new version of decompression can be used, open the login screen, enter your first registered good fast music bank account, select telecom users of telecommunications users. The user’s choice of Netcom Netcom users, and then choose yourself to enter the server after you can point a dial-up connection. Select the client telecommunications users of telecommunications users the old version of the installation package, the choice of Netcom Netcom client, and then enter the registration for a happy account, choice in the properties of the VPN server can log in. Registered account happy (also in the official website, free registration) registered users and VIP users registered two, free registered users can directly log on our free server, VIP registered users can choose their own love recharge recharge. Easy to use and easy to use, do not need to do any setting can be used, can be said to be the ideal choice to speed up the North South interoperability.


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