Cross border electricity supplier tax reform in April or landing sea Amoy household goods tax

tax reform of cross-border electricity supplier renewed rumors of rumors, insiders revealed that the import of cross-border electricity supplier tax deal to be announced, the biggest change is no longer the import of cross-border retail electricity supplier by parcel tax. In this regard, the sea Amoy business responsible person said, if you really like this rumor reform mode, small items of shampoo, cosmetics and other snacks, so before you can play ball free to taxation, will be the most affected by the sea Amoy food, daily necessities, such as maternal and child goods business.


recently, rumors of cross-border electricity supplier tax reform according to the raise a Babel of criticism of the spread of information, the new deal, the biggest change is no longer the import of cross-border retail electricity supplier by parcel tax, which means that these imported goods can no longer enjoy parcel tax levied according to the tax should be 50 yuan can enjoy duty-free. It is not polite to say that the post tax policy is now most of the sea Amoy electricity supplier on the basis of survival, because it is much higher than the normal import tariffs. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday to understand a number of cross-border electricity supplier, has not yet received any official information. Relevant personage expresses, the reform of post tax should be affirmed, the key is a matter of timing, and once the floor of the new deal, the sea Amoy will find that high quality and inexpensive past sea Amoy website on the import of shampoo, milk powder and other commodity prices will be greatly improved.


cross-border electricity supplier is no longer applicable tax

previously, cross-border retail electricity supplier imports has been in accordance with the parcel tax levy, the general trade import and link to pay a "value-added tax" and "tariff" of two kinds of different taxes, but according to the different proportion of goods only charge the parcel tax a tax. The news of the tax hike is not the first time, but it has never been like this. China CCPIT vice chairman of cross-border electricity level test committee of experts Li Peng Bo recently through a personal number of public news release, the customs bonded import and friends confirmation, for direct mail import new import of cross-border electricity supplier tax policy will be published in a few days, and from April 8, 2016 onwards.

Li Pengbo said that the core points of the new deal include: cross-border electricity supplier is no longer applicable to the import tax, tax levied + VAT / gst. Set a single transaction limit of 2000 yuan, annual individual transaction limit is 20000 yuan; the limit value of the goods, temporary tariff rate of 0; if it exceeds the limit, the excess in accordance with general trade tax. If the value of a single indivisible commodity exceeds the limit of 2000 yuan, it shall be taxed in accordance with the general trade import goods. The VAT / consumption tax, whether or not to exceed the limit, according to the statutory 70% of the tax payable. Under the new deal, for most of the goods do not involve the consumption tax, the tax amount of 17%× 70%=11.9%.

original intention

post tax emphasizes non trade



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