How to choose the right B2B website

e-commerce has become a relatively low cost of economic crisis publicity channels, and there is no doubt that e-commerce in the future must be the main way to promote the market to do business. But with the B2B website is constantly increasing, large and small, uneven in quality, be arranged integrated industry, and enterprises should really keep their eyes open to choose their own company’s website B2B.

B2B how to help you promote the


a B2B platform is not suitable for their own, it is very important to promote the product channels. We must first understand the platform through what is the way to help member promotion, such as most of the website promotion way of the Internet, image ads and text ads, they are trying to put pictures do attract people, occupy a more prominent position, although the closing price but the flow is real, such as PPC, gold booth etc. it belongs to the network advertisement. The enterprise should first look at their products for what kind of promotion, such as clothing, clothing relatively better network promotion, if auto parts, hardware tools, chemical raw materials, procurement entity publication, exhibition promotion better. Different platforms to provide different promotional routines.

platform, whether there are enough products, buyers resources?

is a good platform, the number of buyers really is a very important index, so how to attract buyers to the platform is very important, in other words, the platform accumulated number of buyers, now most of the ways of advertising platform are nearly the same, playing media advertising, Internet advertising, frequent investment also shows that this website in the recruitment really can be used in all kinds of customers, all kinds of exhibition will become a a hotly contested spot, if you can see that there are several large-scale advertising platform at the fair, at least you can prove that these large-scale platform can guarantee a number of basic buyers, on the page you can find buyers information will be updated more there is a website that pay more attention to the quality.

involved in the accuracy of the industry’s products how deep?

in 365 lines, 36500 lines of today is not enough, a commodity can create an industry that it had accumulated enough resources and technology, "as if it can complete showing the parameters that the professional platform in the end is not professional, every detail let professional customer satisfaction that this not only do the professional platform! Information industry, industry regulations, industry product and industry knowledge, let customers one-stop work is the best


price is amazing?

Some well-known

B2B first membership fee nearly 3000 yuan, but also kept blowing this ranking the telephone booth, the cost of just tens of thousands of back suspended in midair, Datong calls are checked to buy less, let us sigh the world is to rely on persuasion. There are large enterprises of small and medium-sized state-owned enterprises private joint venture, bearing capacity of different. So choose the right price, such as business alliance alliance member basic service is only 365 yuan a year, other functions >


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