QQ space (from the media) marketing case analysis

yesterday, a small Q asked me a question about the operation of the media, more representative, and now the problem is posted on the analysis.

questions are as follows:

I am a pet supplies company to do the operation of Jingdong, for more than a year, is working hard, I have been trying to make a good from the media, such as QQ space, WeChat public accounts, etc.. On the one hand is my interest, on the other hand can also promote their own shops, but have no idea, I would like to ask: first, how do I position myself, how to start, where to start? Second, how can I get myself a fan of? Third, how to improve the quality of silk powder fourth, how? Maintain the fan activity a little confused, thank you?.

my answer:

must first analysis, analysis of the group characteristics of pet lovers, you can start from the following five aspects: 1, the age in which they generally range; 2, in which sex is dominant; 3, their interest in pet? 4, their income and social status; 5 the concept of consumption.

analysis of the results, I believe that most people have a direction in mind.

1, how do I position myself, how to start, where to start?

on the positioning, according to the results of the above analysis of pet lovers into high school low three files, and then decided to face their own high-end enthusiasts or end lovers. But my advice is early when not too obvious, otherwise it is difficult to complete the primitive accumulation, fans can direct all comers, positioning himself as a pet lover.

How to start

? After the early ready issued the first article even at the beginning, you feel hard in the beginning is not afraid to do well by others joke? This is really not shy, since the beginning of time did not pay attention to you, if there is a joke, anyway, you do well. He will laugh at you


where to start? Here is what should be asked to write the contents of it, in fact you can share content very much, for example: pet care knowledge, pet supplies, pet knowledge, story, life and work, in all aspects, written content must have value, can let people learn to bring positive energy others go. It is important to note that not eager to express themselves, so that others will think you are advertising, reached a certain level of attainment, promotional products are smoothly and for things.

2, how do I get my fans?

share out, write through various channels such as micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, these places are reproduced share are very high, but also put the article to the gathering place of pet lovers (pet lovers forum, Q group, Baidu Post Bar etc.), pay attention to the information left at the end of the article ID. Want to hurry to find leveraging popular people to help recommend, share. Of course,


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