Ali customer complaints alleged fraud door in door internal fraud

B2B current business model can go far

Ali: customer complaints alleged fraud door in door internal fraud

B2B domestic business has completed the main mission, it is difficult to reflect the true social value, it is difficult to get a huge breakthrough

financial weekly newspaper reporter Song Yunyun / text

Wei Zhe because the "fraud door" after class, who can do better than Wei Zhe?

before the listing in 2007, Alibaba single quarter revenue of about 500 million yuan, net profit of about $150 million. Wei Zhe Ma defected from the B&Q account, the success of the Alibaba to list in Hongkong, 3 times revenue growth, net profit growth of 2.73 times. 2010 fourth quarter revenue 1 billion 520 million yuan, net profit of $410 million.

"this is David’s contribution, he did not seem too much from a piece of chicken ribs, constantly eating new meat, well done Ma Yun’s brother (B2B) family, brother and sister on the mission of the University for." Famous IT analyst Hong Bo said.

from any point of view, Wei Zhe’s departure is a complex thing. However, people should probably congratulate him, because he can not stop some of the loopholes in the Alibaba has long been.

so, can Lu Zhaoxi be replaced by Wei Wei?

paid subscriber growth fell

Ma once said: "in this family Alibaba, Alibaba is the eldest brother, is a nituizi, brothers and sisters are on him for school; Taobao is the younger sister, lively personality, can hold a big brother to money to buy flowers skirt, have graduated from junior high school, will be at the Fudan University, the third is Alipay, only on the primary school, but it is the most ambitious, in the future to carry the heavy burden of the family. Big brother decided to go to Harvard in the United States at all costs, because there is the most advanced ideas."

said this when it was July 2005. At that time, Taobao can be equated and naughty. At that time, Alibaba B2B platform is still a young man.

2007, the president of B&Q China Ma district, has a rich experience in investment banking and sales Wei Zhe quoted to hire talent.

November 3, 2008, Wei Zhe showed his sales talent: under the guidance of the new winter theory, the official launch of the 15 billion aid winter program, one of the substantive products – export.

in fact, is in the original 50 thousand yuan on the basis of Chinese suppliers, and then emergency replenishment of a low price of $19 thousand and 800.

Wei Zhe said: Alibaba is sonorous and forceful to lead the company through the winter "Noah’s ark".

export pass before the life of small and medium-sized enterprises, to save the Alibaba. Alibaba in 2010 revenue and net profit were recorded a significant positive growth, from the stock price plunged 90% of the quagmire of pull


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