The acquisition of domain name Yuncheng sndacloudary Bookstore

renamed Chinese August 29th hearing, it is reported that the main operating platform grand literature cloud bookstore has recently officially opened "Yuncheng" Larry domain upgrade website, the original CN domain name system to implement the jump, anecdotal grand literature acquisition.


diagram: Web page

Whois domain name information that the domain name has been changed to Shanghai Enterprise Cloud bookstore kobun Network Technology Co., Ltd. under the name, the domain name of the latest change information for August 2nd, by querying the DNS record, domain name for Zhejiang earlier domain lovers holding, so that the domain name system acquisition proceeds, the domain name transfer time to complete the transfer procedures in August 2nd.


map: domain name information contrast

Yuncheng is Yuncheng, Yuncheng, Yuncheng, Yuncheng and Chinese characters Pinyin, Yuncheng as Yuncheng, Yuncheng, Pinyin, domain name city geographic domain name, such as Yuncheng County, Yuncheng City, Yuncheng life network and is as the official domain name, commercial application is broad, the domain name purchase price should not philippines.

Compared with and Yuncheng domain name abbreviation CN domain name, cloud Bookstore officially replaced Larry domain has more advantages, domain name has a vast market and a sense of identity in the domestic users, user memory and operation will be more favorable site operation and promotion, at the same time, also shows that the enterprises are paying more and more attention to the domain name.


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