Full access to Juhuasuan group purchase Wowo centralized pattern intensified

December 4th afternoon news, Alibaba, Juhuasuan group’s business group with Wowo mall and full network announced, will set up shop in litters and full of life and access to Taobao, Taobao Juhuasuan group purchase platform.

in November 30th, Taobao Tmall net turnover of over one trillion, Juhuasuan division president Zhang Yu said: "Taobao users in less than 1/10 of the users to buy life services, Juhuasuan believes the two trillion market next flashpoint is the online life service."

earlier, thousands of network products and Groupon has access to Juhuasuan, the competition pattern of the domestic group purchase industry focus on the trend. Wowo Mall (Wowo group platform group purchase business segments) and full network access, means that the trend is becoming increasingly apparent. Group data analysis group 800 data show that as of September this year, the domestic buy site reduced to 2919, down by 42%.

it is understood that in October this year, Juhuasuan and Wowo mall and full network started system level docking, the main access to catering and movie tickets and other services. The Juhuasuan will access litters into the 36 city life service. In addition, the 21 city Taobao "full network access store. It is understood that the background is being opened with Juhuasuan, the current two stores are in the service, shop landscaping and other trial operation.

in July this year, Juhuasuan, Taobao life and Consumer Portal composed of Juhuasuan group. According to data provided by the official, Juhuasuan eleven cumulative turnover of more than 420 thousand daily life service, with a total value of more than 10 billion.


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