Ctrip acquisition domain name xiecheng.com Cai Wensheng had held


news September 7th, according to a senior manager of Ctrip marketing department Sun Bo micro-blog was informed that Ctrip has successfully acquired the "Ctrip" Larry domain xiecheng.com, the domain name information has been changed to Ctrip net, users access to the domain name to jump to ctrip.com.


figure: micro-blog page

today, Sun Bo micro-blog posted a message, just hit "www.xiecheng.com", immediately aroused the micro-blog user attention and forwarding, have on Ctrip take xiecheng.com Pinyin domain name, user Tu Jiangming said, xiecheng.com can meet the users English Larry domain level, Larry domain is mainstream in china.


: search page

xiecheng.com is rumored to domain name is Cai Wensheng hands, the author intends to explore, through the Baidu search box "domain name Cai Wensheng" found earlier related articles, xiecheng.com domain name is earlier held by Cai Wensheng, he also said that there are more than 1800 click the xiecheng.com domain name every day, the domain name to create high traffic revenue.


map: domain name information

Xiecheng in addition to Ctrip is Larry, also can be regarded as "shoe" Larry, can also be used in the electricity supplier industry, many days ago, ah minon strong but also hands out a "Ctrip" domain name CN xiecheng.cn, although xiecheng.com did not disclose the specific domain name transaction price, but the domain name commercial applications and Cai Wensheng hands aspects the domain name, the transaction price should be high.

the low-key Ctrip bought xiecheng.com domain name caused the concern, become the mainstream of phonetic domain object selection of domestic enterprises, but also shows the enterprise more and more attention to the domain name, willing to take the domain name through acquisitions, future acquisitions of domain name cases will increase.


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