The United States Mission Wang Xing accumulate steadily left for the king of the 3 fierce piece


see the commercial value wrote an article Wang Xing ten years, Wang Xing is the ten consecutive years of entrepreneurship in the past ten years, of course, the last outbreak or the United States mission.

this is my deepest impression of Wang Xingmei group of 3 internal scripts of the past few years, especially the "expired refund" products, at that time, many users of the group purchase products often expired, bleeding Beauty Group launched the "expired refund", a pain point, is also very fierce.

you can do a test, you encounter this difficult moment Wang, how would you choose


1, word of mouth is the core of the product.

June 2010, hand, glutinous rice and other rivals have been getting financing, which means that competitors can be used to speed up the promotion and market expansion.

it was the first time that the u.s.. At that time the United States has 10 sales of the group went to the glutinous rice group, leaving the sale of the United States also took away with the group to talk about a good list of 4.’s rice group by advertising exchange position page, the first single has sold 150 thousand copies of tickets, and then the United States mission every single sales record only thousands.

it was a very depressing day. Sales every day a lot of smoke in the corridor, chouwan smoke went out on business. Wang Xing every Saturday night will give the team to share, he has been a lot of entrepreneurial looks very calm: entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster, today’s trough, may rise tomorrow." At the same time a booster for the team, Wang Xing’s anxiety has always existed, he met every employees in the cafe, and spend a lot of time to persuade.

for the sale of Shen Peng, that day is almost the most bitter life. At that time, the United States mission requires every day to visit the 8 merchants selling, if not done for the 3 time on the straight out; if done well on the option award.

Wang at that time, in fact, there are other options. At that time many competitors take agents for model development speed, with the market share for VC investment firm, but Wang Xing only direct mode, because the direct mode can control the quality of group purchase, in between cash and product quality, he again chose the latter.

2, pain point is king – expired refund.

in March 2011, the first launch of expired refund".

expired refund for the site to buy funds and cash flow settlement is a huge test. Previously, have tried this group purchase mode, but it is difficult to achieve a systematic procedure, only to meet some of the more difficult the consumers will refund. After the introduction of the U.S. group expired refund, the settlement funds on the account quickly less 10 million yuan.

in the short term, there may be a risk of a premature refund, but Wang Xing believes that when competitors use advertising inspired consumers to buy awareness, if the consumer will be mentioned when the group


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