Flash is a step closer to death all sites on Amazon will be deactivated next month


technology news on the afternoon of August 21st Beijing time news, Amazon announced Thursday, from the beginning of September 1st, the company’s network (including Amazon.com portal) all the ads will no longer use Flash again, a heavy blow to the old network technology.

Amazon said in a statement: "this change to ensure that customers can continue to obtain positive and consistent experience in the Amazon and its Affiliated Companies services, display all kinds of website function also can obtain the optimal performance."

in the short term, Amazon to abandon Flash because it can not provide a positive, coherent best experience. In fact, the late Apple co-founder Steve · (Steve) as early as 2010 on the security, reliability and performance of Flash raised a similar question in the (Jobs).


YouTube launched in 2005, Flash is the preferred technique, the network video service processing content but now, YouTube has switched to more lightweight and flexible HTML5, a large number of Internet Co are followed.

Jobs had finally view also has been widely recognized by the industry, the Firefox browser in July this year has been suspended to support Flash, Facebook chief security officer also hope to see this technology die, the Interactive Advertising Bureau would also like to see the company’s marketing department using HTML5 technology.

Chrome will no longer support automatic playback of Flash content, because the technology is too much power, and too much resources. (Yu



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