Gulangyu slet Cup friendly at Majohn Stadium

football as the world is a crazy sports, has a broad concern groups, the status of the world are self-evident! Although China’s football is still in a period of downturn, but efforts to improve their level, is essential! Look at the following and Xiaobian, Gulangyu Islet cup friendly at the Majohn stadium, the specific details.

2016 third "Gulangyu Islet Cup" Football Club friendly at Gulangyu Islet people’s Stadium (Majohn stadium). More than 240 players on the same stage.

"Gulangyu Islet Cup" football game has been held for 3 years, this year the team a total of 18, 2 more than last year, in addition to the local Xiamen international football club, Gulangyu Islet, Xiamen Yinghua football team Bobo football club, Xiamen warriors football club, as well as from Beijing, Suzhou, Hongkong, Quanzhou, Hangzhou etc. the team.

it is worth mentioning that, there are 2 women’s soccer team debut in this event, respectively, from Shanghai Mint girls football team and the Xiamen women’s international football team, the team played a friendly match between the two.

football in the world has a wide range of fans, in life, but also a lot of people talking about the meal before and after a wonderful sports show! The development of the "Gulangyu Islet Cup" friendly competition is conducive to the cultivation of football players’ love for football, and is conducive to the gradual development of football in china.

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