Hubei top 10 workers entrepreneurial star model

in Hubei province to promote the management of construction activities, improve local residents’ innovation and entrepreneurship, provide various support, to create a superior investment environment and entrepreneurial atmosphere. In addition to the outstanding entrepreneurs to honor and material rewards.

10 20, workers in Hubei province innovation star "selection results announced, the official magazine of the 10 workers in Hubei province innovation star model, the 10 men will be awarded the Hubei Provincial Labor Medal title and won the gold award.

Responsible person told the "worker’s Daily" reporter

in addition, the province of the innovation and entrepreneurship policy is more inclined to migrant workers. There are migrant workers entrepreneurial intention and planning, apply to the local labor unions, after the audit, the guarantee program, you can get 50 thousand yuan to 80 thousand yuan of financial discount loans, used to carry out planting and breeding, food transport and other small business projects. General also began to create innovative studio to encourage more migrant workers, migrant workers to join the ranks of innovation.

advanced models play a leading role is irreplaceable, one can motivate the fresh entrepreneurs from the spirit, on the other hand can also inspire entrepreneurs how to solve the problem in the face of difficulties and setbacks.



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