Shop decoration hardware should be how to configure

a shop renovation work will involve a lot of aspects, which, how to configure the hardware, nature will also play a different role in the latter part of the store operations. For this reason, if you want to have a good shop decoration, naturally need to do a good job of hardware configuration. So, the shop decoration hardware should be how to configure?

1, head of

body and size is combined with the front window. The appearance of the facade of the shop window basically determines the positioning of your style, while the choice of font basically determines your grade

2, cashier settings and specific location

cash register may have some owners think it is not necessary, but I feel a small shop should have this thing, the representative is not simply a table can be replaced. The cashier will color and store the color of the walls and the door or a combination of echo, the most stupid way is like the door (door is not color, font) cashier position, I think it should be put in the dead or not accounted for the display area of the location of the best, but it’s best not to try near. After all, no decision when the payment of the purchase, the customer or the cashier held a grudge.

3, the fitting room is set up and the specific location of

fitting room color and color collocation is the best advice I can and in store to a conspicuous. The best fitting room inside can carefully arrange hooks must set up warm and convenient. The best location in the use of less than half of the dead space or not. The dressing room must have a mirror, so that guests can see the dress effect after the first time (the dressing room to have the best rest seat guests friends waiting for


4, rest of the settings

No matter where you rest

is two chairs, or is the atmosphere of several sofa and coffee table, the best fitting room and smooth channel. Two points of sight to smooth. And it is best to occupy a small area, and the rest of the people there is no discomfort. It is best to put a water dispenser and basic magazines or the store’s album and the latest promotional materials

5, display props

about props, and some friends like to use regular props, and some like to make their own out. However, the observation found that many of my friends do things out is not very practical, the recommend application of a big shop to observe props, not let you completely imitate others but you learn to read, they see such applications why, any way out before use should think of its actual if the application effect cannot show the effect of clothes. Again >


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