What are the barriers to food and beverage business


venture in now is not what fresh things, at least from the concept will be able to see this is a different age, everyone have the courage to say: I don’t want to live this life, over time it alone. This kind of thing has become a normal. Of course, some people do a career, and some people do not get anything. Just because there are some barriers to entrepreneurship you do not know. Take the food and beverage industry.

food and beverage business barriers to join what

refers to the barriers to entry, refers to other manufacturers outside the industry to enter the industry must pay the minimum price. Barriers to entry mainly depend on factors such as economies of scale, product differentiation, capital requirements, switching costs, government policies, sales channels, etc.. Not all companies have the strength to enter a particular industry. Now the food and beverage industry barriers have a few:

business model barriers.

do catering, its essence is to do business, is a business behavior. Whether you are direct, join, financial investment, store, O2O, private kitchen, catering business behavior will belong to a business model, the difference lies in the fact that most people have been pursuing, play imitate others, and master is in the design and development of new rules of the game. Follow the strategy itself is not wrong, because of low cost, quick effect, but the "side effect"? Is that if you don’t see through other people’s business model, a copy of, often The loss outweighs the gain. You only see the first step of others, while others have been planning completed the third step; see others to make money, but cannot read why people make money. Rather than blindly follow, it is better to spend more time thinking about how to read other people’s patterns to see through, to find the blind spots and shortcomings of the success model, many innovations are derived from this. Strategy to lead the implementation of tactics, the probability of success is bound to increase a lot.

product technical barriers.

some catering entrepreneurs, is based on fresh ideas or personal interests, while trying to create a business edge to create products, the product is actually need to polish the time. And some people at the beginning, to master a product secret recipe or technology, is still in the research and development, upgrading. Catering business, the product is always the most basic elements.

entrepreneurial team barriers.

before the catering business, there is no concept of the team, there is a good cook, may be able to open a good restaurant. Today, if you are a person of the venture will fight a lone battle, very difficult. Why do you say that because more and more high – tech entrepreneurial team, is a great human and material resources into the food and beverage industry. Such entrepreneurial team, is to achieve a strong combination between the master, a clear division of labor, executive power, catering


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