Successful entrepreneurship lies in the vast imagination

now has a policy of entrepreneurship support, coupled with their own efforts, entrepreneurship has a clear advantage. Occasional business also need to recharge, look at other people’s entrepreneurial success.

1996 after graduating from college, Yang Shujun became the envy of all civil servants. Computer science was born he resigned in 2007 into the sea, stepped into the Internet industry, become a selling group purchase around a passenger, 8 years after the founding, today’s Anhui life network.

group purchase

settled 5F Park    

interaction of resources to achieve quality

"traffic is the first factor to consider, from the subway line only 100 meters, the convenience of the staff work. Second, 5F Venture Park is a New Venture Park, its service concept, action, execution are very appreciate. We look at it from a dilapidated factory has been constantly transformed into a new 5F Venture Park, increasing the confidence of our business."

2016, Anhui life network focused on creating local social circles, APP line, recommended


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