The successful model of low cost business

entrepreneurship is the need for cost, there are a lot of people because of the cost of too big to give up. Some people choose some low cost business model, and has been insisting, success is not important, it is the spirit of.

A, while working side venture

this way is the use of their professional experience and resources in their own businesses and manufacturers, to increase revenue in the working time, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship.

1, should be aware of their own development priorities, working in enterprises in addition to family is individual ability and experience growth, so the focus is complete a good job, to promote the development of personal ability and occupation.

2, the customer is not keeping the following scale, you work competitors; don’t take any time, that time belongs to the salary for your company; not to divulge the commercial secrets of any company. To maintain their professional integrity and credit, the future development of the immeasurable role.

two, depending on the commodity market venture

1, be sure to find a popular market, may be less expensive than the market rent, but the flow of people in the commodity market is the most basic conditions for the survival of your store.

2, the same market there is also the difference between good and bad business, you are familiar with their products so we need (for example, familiar with the commodity consumer preferences; familiar with the commodity purchase channels, can purchase at a lower price, etc.).

three, in store rent a court venture

1, with your agent or sales of products related to the production of proof (health permits, manufacturers, etc.) with the store processing procedures, or can not enter.

2, the risk is relatively large, must be sure of the market, and pay attention to the product sales season and shelf life. Someone from the field of fruit to store sales, transportation delays, many results not sold rotten.


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