Shandong, a village of blue water caused villagers puzzled

in our life, tap water is one of the most basic living supplies, but recently in Shandong there is a village in the famous village tap water turned green, at the same time, also caused a lot of local villagers panic.

now many rural areas are connected to the tap water, the draft is very convenient, you can live in the East Room of the street office of the West Village of Yantai Fushan District villagers this two days but was surprised to find out their own home tap water, turned blue.

The office of the West Village Hall /

now tap water into the blue, they do not know the relationship with the village, the river has been polluted they are not clear. But about one kilometer away from their village with a molybdenum ore, will not flow into the river and groundwater seepage into the sewage will mine row down, they can not say.

West Village Hall:


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