The Enlightenment of nternet entrepreneurship winter

Internet business has long been a new word, it’s faster than everyone else’s imagination. But now the Internet business is no longer like a few years ago can be readily found gold, many enterprises this year’s economic growth is slowing down or even reverse the trend, the Internet business sector seems to be facing an winter.

and the Internet world the only constant is always in change, the Internet business change rate is also much higher than we expected. It was just yesterday, in Beijing, Zhongguancun, in the Shenzhen Science Park, in Shanghai, Lujiazui…… Any cafe, you can see the Internet entrepreneurs in the talk rapidly introduced their business models, entrepreneurial dreams, customer experience, scene design, subversive innovation, closed-loop system, O2O, UGC…… These previously unheard of nouns, in their mouth will pop out. But today, the Internet business ushered in the winter, like a gust of cold wind in Beijing, the transition from summer to winter. In fact, calm down to think about entrepreneurship not only need to give the opportunity of the times, but also the experience of entrepreneurs, realm and pattern. Too many young people keen to start a fresh, may not be a good thing. In this sense, the Internet business is really not as good as the late winter, early.


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