How much money is needed to open a cake shop

each want to shop for his own boss, in a real shop before will want to open a store that need much money, do a good job in all aspects of the budget so as to ensure the future profitability of how to make their own business. In a large number of shop projects. Cake shop are more keen to join a project, then open a cake shop how much money? After reading the following Xiaobian introduced you know.

open cake shop about how much money is needed, which is affected by many factors influence, we selected the brand shop, shop address, shop decoration and so on, have a direct impact on all aspects of the cost spent in the shop. The cost of how much can be said from 1 to 20 thousand to hundreds of thousands of different. If you choose the store costs less, and everyone in their own shop, or to choose a number of zero fee cake shop, everyone in the shop is the cost will be very small.

But if you choose to join the

brand is a big brand, joining in the cost is expensive, some costs will be joined to hundreds of thousands of, although these brand to join the cost is too high, and we provide services more thoughtful, let everyone join in can be completely assured, and in after joining, you can get what they want to return in a short time. Naturally such a shop, we shop in the investment will be greater.

cake shop how much to join the cake shop to join the equipment investment:

simulation program to 10 square meters of shops as an example. Start the assets of about 95 thousand yuan.

1, rent 5000 yuan

2, facade decoration of about 2000 yuan (including store decoration and light box)

3, shelves and sell the investment of about 1500 yuan

4, employees (2) uniform clothing needs $500

5, the largest investment in machinery and equipment: 80 thousand yuan (including the full set of cake making appliances)

After the

cake shops in the understanding of how much money, everyone in the budget, should be based on the actual situation of their stores, and to choose their own economic situation, and choose a reliable brand. In the plan to open a shop, they will do a good job, we will be able to get more revenue after the shop.


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