How to operate air purifier stores

air purifier franchise operators how to attract more franchisees into the store? If you want to get a good profit needs to pay attention to the operation and management of a store, only do business work can get good profit.

When the air purifier

customers into stores, not only see the shopping guide, the key is to see the store’s products, especially now you want the main product, so the product, or the main product should be put in the position of the most eye-catching shops, to attract customers attention.

said the shopping guide, not only to master the professional knowledge of products, but also to understand the sales skills, to know that now customers are likely to come together, smart sales staff not only to know which is the main purchase, also to their peers, this is not just to get to the customer, can cultivate potential customers to actively promote the joint sales.

Another is the use of

promotion, seize the opportune moment to sell products, many air purifiers franchise promotional activities, such as the full 200 to send 50 coupons, etc.. This is an important measure to promote the guest of joint sales, as the guide should seize the opportune moment by store promotion opportunities, stimulate customer demand.

as a boss, must constantly enhance the ability to guide, from training, fast lifting guide sales ability from the sale of language and other aspects, so as to shorten the customer relationship, naturally produce trade, to win the favor of customers.

good customer service service is also very important, especially for the training of service personnel, including all aspects of professional knowledge, service attitude, service, service standardization training, they must go through professional training to posts, service important link, both the pre-sale or customer service, are related to the brand image of


air purifier franchise operators need to start from a number of details, do a good job of management. If you are running a store does not choose to use the skills it is difficult to obtain an ideal profit, if the business problems, then take a look at the above.

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