How to engage in promotional activities beauty shop to bring more customers

can be said that any one industry will face all consumers to take some "promotion", especially in large supermarkets and home appliances, decoration market, almost every day, every month promotion promotion. In fact, the most fundamental purpose is to bring profit promotion. How to do a good job to promote the success of the vast number of businessmen to consider important issues. The same to the beauty shop "promotion" the same truth.
the most innovative place, take it to receive a free cosmetic monthly "attract the attention of customers, and then through the experiential consumption free, customers have a certain sense of dependence on it, so will receive next month’s" beauty monthly, but in the general store to receive before will allow customers to buy a certain number of promotional beauty products, can get free next month "beauty monthly, where in the second month to shop the name of 2 to meet the requirements of consumers to the store to receive monthly beauty and experience, can get free next month" monthly beauty". After the event launched 10 days, issued a total of "beauty salons monthly more than 90 pieces of products, sales of more than 100 thousand yuan, nearly 40 people received a second month monthly beauty"".
"beauty monthly" has already been, not too much innovation, but for the implementation of the operation of beauty monthly ", is a bold innovation.


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