Small business to open an optical shop can choose what model

if the capital is sufficient, open glasses shop is naturally better money. However, many investors are precisely the case there is not enough venture capital, this time, if we also open the optical shop, naturally need to choose the mode of operation. So, what can we choose to open a small shop?

China has a large population, and glasses is an almost everyone needs products, in such a huge market demand, China’s glasses shop is also more and more, among them, there are some large glasses shop located in the bustling business district, they invest millions, or even become a local landmark building, at the same time, also there are many small glasses shop, despite their little shops, investment is not high, but it can still survive in the big attack, in the market share, and with little investment, business owners also more happy and pleased with oneself to survive, and they, and how is it?

"to avoid the high-end brand, staring in the low-end consumer groups, a glasses shop to join head Shao boss believes that small business is the best choice to open shop, open shop or store in the community of students, can not take into account the large market segments, clear positioning, can be successful.

student glasses shop: simple decoration, focusing on affordable

Consumer groups of

students’ ability is weak, love of goods than three again, low price and all kinds of promotional activities is the key to attract students groups so that students shop products often to 100-300 yuan, some proper collocation of high-end products, in addition, such as free cleaning, maintenance and other services is to attract students key in a word, is a prominent, affordable.

but it is also because students store more affordable, it also requires entrepreneurs not to spend too much money decoration, otherwise it will stand high cost, the benefits will be out of the question, therefore, according to the student’s glasses shop in the decoration is not too complex, simple, overall to look fresh and clean you can.

at the same time, the need to pay attention to is, students shop off seasons. The important work before the start of the season to do for the freshmen, and the summer off-season should also pay attention to the site to choose the best around the school with a small community, through community marketing spend the off-season.

community glasses shop: focus on services, location is very important

a good location, can save a lot of publicity for the community, glasses shop, the importance of location is particularly prominent, especially in larger areas or areas that are relatively concentrated area, one must choose the only way which must be passed of district residents, let the flow of residents know there is a shop.

products, community glasses shop can be more than the student store >


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