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Hello, this is my first time to express their views on what is not good please forgive me. We do a lot of local sites are in order to make a profit, what do you want to profit?. How can we improve the visibility of only a lot of people to visit it?. Okay, don’t talk nonsense, I’ll talk about how I’m going to add IP.

today I first and share my Internet cafe propaganda method, I first introduced the local situation, I do is a county-level city life, economy of the county level is higher, the county has 48 Internet cafes including a large 13 home all the rest of it is small. I made a web site on the Internet Alliance, which is the Internet cafes charges, environment, machine configuration and other information, there is an Internet bar in the home page. And then contact Internet cafe let its free to join in exchange is the internet homepage for all Internet cafes alliance own page, will generally agree, can let the Internet to learn more about the Internet cafes, Internet cafes and posted a few pieces of my website posters. You can calculate a 500 Internet cafes, calculated every day full of 300 people, in addition to the flow, each open IE can browse many times? This is just a few, if you don’t have to every day thousands of IP. I do is free 10 Internet cafes to join, and the rest want to join the take of 1000, which is more conducive to the early Internet cafes to join. Well, here today, the situation is different, we do in accordance with local conditions.

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