These problems need to be avoided when operating a theme restaurant

theme restaurant seems to be a fresh blood for the food and beverage industry, popularity is evident, especially in young consumer groups, they are more inclined to this unique restaurant consumption. Therefore in the country also appeared a variety of theme restaurants, but no matter how popular in the business process will inevitably have a variety of problems, resulting in theme restaurants appear all sorts of unexpected difficulties, here is to summarize the common theme of the restaurant business district


business theme restaurant these problems need to avoid

a poor quality dishes

is the quality of the dishes in a restaurant where the most fundamental competitiveness, this rule is applicable to any kind of restaurant, regardless of whether it is also the name of a restaurant, a group of potential customers is how to locate the lost at this point, it is not a qualified restaurant. However, a lot of theme restaurants, menu design, interior decoration, dish design and other often exceptionally beautiful, a lot of fancy gimmicks, but did not really work on the dishes. But for a restaurant customer, dinner is the most basic needs, beautiful environment is one of the biggest advantages of theme restaurants, can establish reputation in a short period of time, but the popularity of easy go easier, when after the freshness, relying solely on the business environment will be maintained fast turn.

there is a home in the dark restaurant, customers can not see the food when eating at the moment, I do not know where to go, but can not see the internal environment of the restaurant. Even more strange is that the restaurant staff served by the blind. They are responsible for customers for their seat, serving, wine, or take them to Restroom. In the restaurant, any attempt to "break the darkness" act is prohibited, such as mobile phone, etc. according to the bright lighting. When just opened, the restaurant with new forms to attract a large number of curious people, but because of the available items bland, no feature, no taste at all. Soon, the curiosity of the customer did not o, it will not go back to the ~o situation.

two, the theme is not prominent

compared with other restaurants, theme restaurants to customers is the dining environment. It is often around a specific theme of the restaurant decoration, and even food is also associated with the theme, to create a customer or a warm or mysterious atmosphere. A common theme in films, comics, nostalgia, martial arts, tourism, ethnic customs, from the strict sense, the scale and highlight the theme of the restaurant is not much, some restaurants have a specific theme name, but in a look similar but more in name than in reality theme is not outstanding, the restaurant business it is difficult to sustain. For example, there is a self pricing theme restaurant, the customer went in to find that the so-called self pricing has a lot of limitations, and ultimately will be disappointed.


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