Wuhan college graduates aiming at the nternet industry


you work, not satisfied with the job under the situation, you may choose to continue to endure in such a position, or decided to venture onto the road? Hot summer, many people enjoy the cool air conditioning, Wuhan Engineering College of civil engineering graduates 2010 Hu Hu, Li Longfei, Zhang Youwu is still busy doing research, talk about business. In June 2015 3, a partner opened a company, operating income has accumulated over a thousand million, more than 500 partners ltd..

"good work more and more difficult to find, and not willing to stay in the general job." After graduating in 2014, rebuffed job job is no increase in space for 3 people determined to entrepreneurship.

"we look at the prospects for the development of the Internet industry, even if we do not have sufficient experience!" 3 people eventually chose the Internet direction.

Li Longfei introduction, at present, the company’s main operating items are big data marketing effect: through large data analysis of user data and the choice of channel, efficient matching, targeted advertising.

professional counterparts, the lack of funds, lack of experience of these three major problems that early days they said of an aged person. 3 people through less than 20 square meters of rental housing, utilities arrears, busy doing the project, even sleep has become a luxury.

Li Longfei said, "at that time the school teachers know our difficulties actively help us settled base, providing office space and hydropower network and other basic working conditions, to solve our thanks for the help and support as pressing danger, Alma mater!"

short time, entrepreneurship can get such an achievement, which is undoubtedly a very big success in the venture market. When it comes to the future planning, three people said it plans to build the company within ten years as a professional operation of the team, improve the integrity and coordination of the Department, so that product design customization, marketing effectiveness of industrialization. And open up the online and offline industry chain, the formation of a unique advertising marketing model.

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