Xining District, 20 small urban construction has been completed

this year, Xining City area from people in urgent need of the construction of the project of 40 million 380 thousand yuan investment in the implementation of the 5 categories of 20 small alleyways of urban construction projects, implement the project area of the road, street light installation, streetscape renovation etc..

it is understood that the central investment 9 million 500 thousand yuan to implement the transformation of the road hardening of the 5. Now, comity Street No. 122 hospital, Nanchuan Road No. 85 hospital 4 lanes of the road were hardened, no longer wet mud for residents, a sunny soil; two village village road and road primary school two Yuan Shu Cun Shen Jia Zhai Cun, have all been transformed; the total south road hardening project totalzhai Zhen 3500 meters is under intensive construction. The district has also invested 2 million 190 thousand yuan in the mill village, kylin Culture Street, Nanshan Road, Lane No. 31 -33 road streetlights were installed to solve the difficult problem of residents to travel at night. Invested 6 million 40 thousand yuan, in the north and South Street to install a sidewalk fence of 4800 meters, in the south side of the town on the eastern side of the paved sidewalk to facilitate residents travel. Invested 610 thousand yuan to implement the tree village slope body reinforcement and transformation of the water pipe network of 1 km. Investment of 19 million 500 thousand yuan, the construction of the facade of the street and the transformation of the street. Invest 2 million 540 thousand yuan to implement the Yu Jing Xiang Nanchuan road flood plot, No. 2 North Hospital, Wang Shan Road 5 emergency flood control project. (author: Rong Lijun Xu Shulin)


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