Xining focus on cultivating cultural professionals

"Promoting the development of cultural undertakings in Xining", "the characteristics of Xining culture", "the innovation of public cultural service"…… Provincial and municipal experts and scholars of the new and advanced lectures on professional theory, so that the city’s cultural leaders and cultural workers to listen to ecstasy. August 20th, Xining cultural leaders and cultural workers to start training. This is the first time in the city of cultural leaders and cultural workers to carry out large-scale centralized training and learning.

it is understood that the city cultural radio and Television Bureau, the City Art Museum, City Folk Culture Association organized the training work, to increase our cultural leaders and cultural workers business training, and encourage all kinds of cultural talents and cultural activists have emerged to support the mass cultural activities in the growing cultural backbone of the team, focus on cultivate a group of professional and technical personnel, culture, cultural and creative talent, formed the backbone of the team stable grassroots cultural activities, strengthen grassroots public cultural service team construction, to the vigorous development of mass cultural activities. In ten days of the training, the city’s cultural leaders and cultural workers through centralized to inside and outside the province of outstanding cultural community to observe the inspection way of learning, professional training, and accept the advanced cultural ideas and work experience, improve the level of professional knowledge and professional skills. After the training, they will assume the city’s four districts and counties of the relevant training tasks three. (author: Wang Zi)



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