To increase farmers’ income in Huangyuan garlic seedling planting

Recently, it is harvest season this year garlic bolt, garlic bolt purchase price from last year’s 1.8 yuan per kilogram to 0.9 yuan per kilogram, the purchase price is still to grow just passable, but garlic bolt of Huangyuan County farmers brought gratifying income. It is reported that from the beginning of 2009, Zhai Xiang Yang Po Wan Cun Huangyuan county temple to make full use of the road on both sides of the water advantage began planting garlic bolt. As of now, garlic bolt from the original planting area of more than and 20 acres now expanded to more than and 200 acres, a few years before the establishment of the Qingyang garlic seedling planting cooperatives, farmers in cooperatives has reached more than and 140 households, because garlic bolt grow well, greatly expand the market. This sunny bay village most of the villagers in garlic bolt yield per acre more than 8000 pounds, according to the market price to count, average net income of up to 2600 yuan, compared with wheat, rape, income is still considerable. Therefore, this year the sunny bay village more than and 200 acres of irrigated land all kinds of the garlic seedling, some farmers in order to develop economies of scale, but also in the way of land transfer, land leasing other farmers planting garlic seedling. Sunny Bay villagers Li Cunmei said excitedly: "this year, I planted 2 acres of garlic bolt, with no income on last year, but the ratio of wheat and rape better."  


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