ndividual units are still more relaxed style

On May 2nd -10, the mediocre, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities leading group composed of 7 joint inspection teams, the leadership of the departments directly under the 195 unit staff members and organs work discipline, service attitude, efficiency, and other official vehicles conducted a thorough investigation.The results of

showed that the vast majority of office workers are able to perform their duties responsibly, stick to their posts, the office order is good, warm and thoughtful service, such as the city development and Reform Commission, foreign affairs office, bureau of education and Sports Bureau, the total Zhen, Dongguan Street offices and other administrative units; such as the municipal administrative service center hall, city hall, Chengbei District Social Security Bureau the social security act hall, East District administrative service hall window unit…… But unfortunately, there are still individual departments and units have not paid enough attention to the style of construction, to inform the implementation of the system are not thorough enough, the official car logo posted is not standardized and staff tardiness, work time playing online games such as lax discipline, undisciplined etc..

is a serious discipline,   May 21st, "mediocre, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities leading group conducted a briefing on the part of the administrative work style of window units, work time; whereabouts unknown, without missing the post, playing staff working hours, requires the unit to find out the situation, put forward opinions. Make a written statement.



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