Deployment of the State Council to promote the protection of Sanjiang source

Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting – Sanjiang source governance scope expanded from 152 thousand square kilometers to 395 thousand square kilometers of the partition protection Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 18 December, December 18th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting of the deployment of the good water quality of lakes, promote ecological protection in Gansu Province, the National Comprehensive Experimental Zone of ecological security barrier, sandstorm control Beijing, the five Great Lakes Lake water environment governance construction of Qinghai Sanjiang source of a number of major ecological engineering. The meeting pointed out that the guardian to keep the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, is the well-being of the people of the system, but also the bounden duty of posterity. We must implement the party’s eighteen and the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, always put the construction of ecological civilization, to protect the ecological environment in a prominent position, strengthen scientific management, promotion of appropriate technology, the source of the protection system strictly, adherence to ecological protection red, in key areas and key areas as the starting point, the implementation of major strategic ecological engineering, give full play to the role of the market, mobilize the enthusiasm of various social subjects in ecological protection and construction, adhere to the development of the conservation, development in the protection, so that contemporary people benefit, to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Meeting of the "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project plan" requirements, on the basis of summarizing the experience, the governance scope expanded from 152 thousand square kilometers to 395 thousand square kilometers, to protect and restore the vegetation as the core, combining the natural restoration and construction, strengthen the grassland, forest, desert, wetland and lake ecological protection and construction, improve the ecological monitoring and early warning system, lay a solid foundation for ecological protection and construction, fundamentally curb ecological degradation, to support national long-term development of the "Chinese water tower" solid and abundant. The meeting through the "good water quality of lake ecological environment protection planning" requirements, in carrying out the prevention and control of water pollution in key watersheds, centralized management of lake water quality is poor at the same time, to the northeast, Mongolia, Guizhou and eastern new Qinghai Tibet, the five Great Lakes Lake area with better water quality protection, do good planning, the adjustment of industrial structure and layout of the basin. Strengthen the river into the lake pollution control, ecological construction and restoration of Lake Basin, in an orderly way to recuperate, to clean the lake to nourish the motherland. The meeting stressed that strengthening ecological protection and construction, not only to increase government investment, but also to use the way of reform, and actively explore, innovation, strive to build a linkage mechanism for the coordination of ecological protection, economic development and improving people’s livelihood, investment and financing mechanism of long-term mechanism of ecological compensation and diversified investment, establish the correct guidance and evaluation mechanism to promote the development of science, the major ecological construction tasks and effectively implemented, to see results, enhance the capacity for sustainable development of economy and society. The meeting also studied other matters.  


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