Xining City formulated the measures for promoting of cadres performance appraisal

In order to fully implement the central tightening Party discipline, strict management of cadres, strict political discipline and political rules, efforts to "on" to "under" employment environment in this district, Xining City, formulated the "Xining county leading cadres performance appraisal annual Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") that made clear provisions on the city tube county leading cadres theirannual assessment. The "measures" introduced to further improve the leading cadres to "on" to "system", the extension of the top-level design of the "radius", has become a panacea of leading cadres in Xining city personal performance appraisal.

in order to form the assessment, feedback, rewards and punishment and rectification of a series of institutional mechanism, give full play to the assessment of the baton effect, "by the way" of performance evaluation results made a clear explanation of "assessment results will serve as cadres Pingxianpingyou, management and supervision, training and education, adjust the appointment, an important basis for conversation and remind incentive constraint". Was identified as excellent grades, according to the relevant provisions of recognition, and serve as an important reference for cadre selection and use; after the screening visit was assessed as the basic competent and incompetent order, were given related programs or admonishing organizational adjustments.

"measures", in order to facilitate the quantitative evaluation results, distinguish the county, municipal departments zhengfuzhi score, total score from "fulfill the job responsibilities, leadership evaluation (principal evaluation), democratic evaluation, evaluation group evaluation" in four parts according to the proportion of. The performance of duties by the team scoring performance scores were converted; evaluation of the five elements of leadership evaluation score by the relevant leadership level according to morals, diligence and honesty; evaluation group evaluation by individual talks and work target completion score accounting form. According to the comprehensive evaluation score ranking, excellent, competent and incompetent and incompetent basic four grades, the score columns after 3% or the score in the team is obviously low, the total number of votes in the county leading cadres evaluation "general" and "poor" more than 1/3 of the vote, approved by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the implementation of the screening visit.

to ensure procedural justice, organizational departments follow up strictly control steps. In accordance with the "wholesale", deputy chief of the tube to catch "specific" principle, the annual performance target responsibility assigned to each team member "name", requires each county-level leading cadres, a monthly written record of personal performance, for review by the assessment team at the end of the year focused assessment. Focus on the assessment and annual leadership performance evaluation together, in the assessment unit held a debriefing evaluation meeting, team members meeting debriefing according to a certain proportion, at the same time focus on democratic evaluation and meeting individual talk. Finally, the test group put forward preliminary opinions and report to the municipal leading group to determine the order of evaluation.


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