Tax blacklist will be jointly punished

Recently, the 23 provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and other departments jointly issued the "Qinghai Province, the major cases of illegal tax parties to implement the joint disciplinary measures memorandum of cooperation" (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum of cooperation"), will receive the parties on major cases of illegal tax authorities announced the implementation of 18 joint disciplinary measures.

it is reported that, in order to implement the "State Council on promoting the spirit of fair competition in the market to maintain the normal order of the market a number of opinions" and other documents, to promote the formation of a powerful force to praise the integrity, discipline dishonesty, according to the notice of the national development and Reform Commission and other 21 ministries, the provincial government agreed to, provincial development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with the relevant units of the province tax bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, combined with our province jointly issued a "memorandum of cooperation", the parties to the tax authorities announced major tax law cases, the implementation of 18 Joint Disciplinary measures.Joint disciplinary measures


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