Xining city traffic police detachment three brigade regulate pedestrian traffic behavior

recently, Xining city traffic police detachment three brigade with the ongoing "hand of peace" activities, focusing on the occurrence of pedestrians crossing the road, and the vehicle to grab the line, the pedestrian crossing violations center isolation fence traffic rules and characteristics, according to different period and different roads to develop a number of measures, through the joint efforts of the police and the Police Association and has achieved obvious effect.

According to the characteristics of traffic violations of pedestrians and non motor vehicles, the

group adopts the measures of publicity, education, guidance and persuasion. On the one hand, make full use of propaganda slogans, banners, display panels, news media and other means to expand the publicity, to remind pedestrians to walk the zebra crossing, and the vehicle does not grab the road, crossing the center guardrail, plays a dual role, publicity and guidance significantly; targeted adjustment of service on the other hand, requirements of pavement police and police on duty during the Jiuwei gives priority to the civilization of pedestrians and non motorized transport on duty near to the crossing, crossing, with strict, standardized, civilized attitude to guide pedestrians and non motor vehicles in accordance with the "road traffic safety law" safe travel, to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, together to create a good traffic environment. (author: Xu Jianbin)


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