Xining comprehensive cleaning forest fuel

"in October to send warm clothing". In October lunar new year period, the wild Shangfen burning paper, incense and other traditional ritual activities, but also the forest fire prone season. In order to further improve the period of forest fire prevention work, to ensure that no forest fires, November 13th, vice mayor of the city of gold Jiuchen inspection of forest fire prevention work.

spring and summer this year, adequate rainfall in our city, forest vegetation growth is strong, the forest combustible, autumn and winter forest fire prevention work is facing a very grim situation. At present, a large number of forest fuel in the key forest areas has become a major hidden danger of forest fires. In order to prevent the occurrence of forest fires, forest combustible in our city to carry out all-round, full coverage within the city clean, through timely cleaning to the tomb area, important sections, key areas and key units of combustible materials, effectively reduce the fuel load, the formation of effective fire barrier, reduce forest fire danger. According to incomplete statistics, at present the city has a total area of about 400000 square meters of clean forest fuel, only to clean up the botanical garden on the fuel pickup truck 80.

October lunar new year period, the staff in the city Senfang departments, management and protection station will strictly enforce the 24 hours duty system, eliminate off-site, leakage phenomenon gang. At the same time to ensure the smooth flow of communication information, so that the municipal Party committee and government leaders and relevant departments in a timely manner to understand and grasp the city’s forest fire dynamics, to do a good job in preparation for emergency fire. (author: small words)


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