To two ask a rectification as an opportunity to seriously carry out the work of the rights of the 12

recently, PUC 12315 command center to carry out the "two question remediation" activities as an opportunity to combine actual work, seriously investigate and highlight the problem of accountability, performance control content, carefully regulate law enforcement procedures and the accuracy of the data by investigating the case, view data, field investigation, on-site guidance, on four branch checked.
the inspection, mainly to see the 12315 command center of each branch has been perfect and personnel are in place, consumer complaints and foreign sources triage is to reach 100%, the source of preliminary investigation, filing, self closing is reported in the working days provisions, every case have been filed, whether "into five" according to the established 12315 rights service stations and other related materials. The inspection found the branches based on complete information, arrangement, summary of nodes, has missed the case registration and informative, consumer complaints and external source shunt reached 100%, case filing, preliminary investigation, self closing can report on weekdays provisions, each case has been filed, "into five" according to need to set up 12315 rights service station. But there are also some problems, such as electronic files not classified, electronic files and archives the book cannot correspond to the inconvenience, query, supervision is not in place, the case handling department the specific situation is not clear, only passive handling units report form data, and some individual department investigating cases not reported by the 12315 command center, but will holdback statistics in the bureau to report the work data, resulting in data reporting departments above the PUC 12315 command center statistics. To solve the above problems, the PUC inspectors of data collection, classification, supervision and other aspects of the scene and on the spot guidance on how to further carry out the 12315 "Five" work to do a serious and detailed explanation. At the same time, the bureau to further strengthen the work of the 12315 command center from four aspects: one is to do all kinds of case diversion, reporting work, according to the requirements of collecting materials, for the record, carefully sorting, classification and management. Two is to strengthen the supervision of the work, so that there will be a case investigation, there will be errors correction, improve the efficiency of handling cases. Three is the strict legislation (not filing, sales) case audit clearance, further standardize the law enforcement procedures. Four is to do a good job investigating the case data statistics, to ensure that the data is informative, accurate, to provide services for leadership decisions.



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