The province will implement the employment of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation

recently, our province has developed the "Qinghai Province Employment Poverty Action Plan", for the 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand), a participatory rural poverty population of 1622 poor villages, with the ability to work and transfer the employment intention of surplus labor, encourage the introduction of skills training, transfer of employment and entrepreneurship policy, by the end of 2019, and strive to achieve the transfer of employment of poor families labor force of 315 thousand people (Times), occupation skill training of 82 thousand people (Times), to ensure that each have surplus labor of poor households, at least 1 people to achieve the transfer of employment.

let the poor labor skills. The CO ordinator of our province agency, agriculture and animal husbandry, poverty alleviation and other departments training resources and funding, implementation skills training or occupation education comprehensive coverage of poor families, poor families and strive to make a production training labor force can master 1 to 2 items of agricultural and animal husbandry production technology, improve production efficiency; two or three industry employment skills training to achieve 90% pass rate after training the current employment rate of not less than 70%. Farmers employment difficulties in poverty-stricken areas and the source region of Sanjiang, during the training period each day to give 20 yuan living allowance; remote training, according to the city state in the provinces 300 yuan, 800 yuan per capita disposable Province, give traffic and accommodation subsidies to alleviate poverty, family labor skills training in the family burden.

to encourage poor families to transfer employment. Encourage enterprises to absorb employment. For all kinds of jobs to attract the poor family labor, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance premiums in the labor contract period, giving the enterprise does not exceed 5 years of social security subsidies and 1000 yuan reward. For labor-intensive Small and micro businesses in the new recruit poor family labor to the total number of enterprise employees 20% (more than 100 enterprises reached above 10%), and more than a year with the signing of labor contracts, giving a maximum of $2 million in venture loans. Increase the employment transfer efforts of intermediary agencies recommended poor labor employment, signed within 1 years, 2 years and 3 years of labor contract with the employing units, respectively, 200 yuan per person, 300 yuan and 400 yuan standard give employment agencies one-time occupation introduction subsidy. Encourage talented people to drive, where entrepreneurs through the employment of poor families to lead the labor force, according to the provisions of the 3 year period of venture capital loans secured and discount. Moderation of poverty alleviation and development of public service jobs, in the province’s 365 townships, each township development of 1 public service jobs, full-time employment transfer related work; in 1622 participatory poverty village, each village to develop 1 public job placement of poor families engaged in full-time employment labor transfer, poverty alleviation.

encourage poor families to start out of poverty. Increase the entrepreneurial support loans to support the work of poor families to start their own businesses, giving no more than 100 thousand yuan of secured loans. Give full play to the role of entrepreneurship to promote employment support funds, to start their own businesses, obtain business licenses and normal operation for more than three months of poor family entrepreneurs, giving a one-time venture subsidies and incentives. For the first time, the establishment of entities,;


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