Xining standard labor and employment inspection unit insured rate is low

August 10th, reporters from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, illegal employment, criminal regulation labor second stage special action has been launched, the inspection found, although I have not yet appeared kidnap migrant workers, the restriction of personal freedom and other criminal activities, but not signed labor contracts, not to participate in pension insurance medical insurance and the phenomenon is still relatively common.

from July 30th to August 2nd, the special inspection group composed of 9 departments of labor and social security departments, in conjunction with the municipal government and the provincial public security department, civil affairs department, within the city to carry out the rectification of illegal employment against illegal and criminal behavior standardized labor second stage special action. The focus is on the West District, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, 13 small brick kilns, small coal mines, small mines, small workshops, catering services and other collective, private and individual enterprises were concentrated inspection. The inspection of labor and employment 1176 people, including the signing of labor contracts for 626 people, to participate in industrial injury insurance for 560 people.

the 4 day of the examination showed that the business license of each unit is complete, has not yet found the use of child labor, migrant workers, kidnapping and restriction of personal freedom, forced labor and other criminal acts of intentional injury. However, the employer has been checked at the same time there is a low rate of labor contract signing, not to participate in pension, injury insurance is more common.

it is understood that the inspection team will continue to carry out labor inspection in various districts and counties of the city, and strive to do not leak a village". (author: Zhao Linsong)



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