This year, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions 1 million 269 thousand good money to help

recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of trade unions, trade union organizations at all levels in the city this year a total of 575 children of rescue workers in difficulty, grants 1 million 269 thousand yuan, of which, 76 female workers and 194 single parent children of migrant workers difficult to grant the student aid 553 thousand yuan.

it is understood that, in order to give full play to the trade union organizations in assisting the party committees and government to solve the positive role of hard workers, single female workers and difficult difficult aspects of school children of migrant workers, improve the long-term working mechanism of trade union education assistance, make it difficult for employees to share the fruits of reform and development, City Union launched the 2012 autumn student campaign, winning the whole society attention and affirmation. This year, the city’s trade unions at all levels to help 575 children of poor workers, grant grants of $1 million 269 thousand. Among them, the City Federation of trade unions to help needy children 299, grant grants of $889 thousand; district trade unions to help needy children of the children of 276, grant grants of $380 thousand. A total of 76 list of female workers and children of migrant workers in the difficulties of providing assistance to aid the students of $553 thousand yuan, 194 yuan.

this year’s golden autumn student activities, the number of people on the rescue and funding have hit a record high. (author: Xu Shunkai Song Fang)


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