Qinghai beauty, beauty in the eyes of beauty in the heart of Hong Kong and Macao travel to visit gre

Early autumn of Qinghai Lake, panoramic view of lake blue, a landscape of lakes and mountains, clouds change, rape flowers bright blooming, with cool wind, gently blowing to the Qinghai blue, green plateau, Jiang Qing source, every scenery is like "suction eye".

"has the value of world-class resources can’t be replaced and copied the tourism resources in Qinghai. The youth investigation on line activities, to expand the "beautiful Qinghai" in Hong Kong and Macao visibility and brand image, it is very important to strengthen the cooperation of tourism enterprises." Coming with more than and 20 travel agencies to step on the line of green Hongkong Tourism Commission Commissioner Zhu Manling said.

"in that distant place, there was a good girl……" My ears echoed the familiar song, accompanied by the interpretation of Wang Luobin music art museum staff with the large number of photos, on display, real song manuscripts, put everyone into Mr. Wang Luobin’s legendary life. As the singing the lyrics: "people have gone through her accountant, looking back to me……" Sunset, everyone with shed, turned back, slowly waved.

"to a Qinghai, but want to use the life to love here, this is the poem as a beautiful place, next time with my family together in close touch with her beauty." From Macao traveling salesman Lan Junru filled with a thousand regrets.

three days, Hong Kong and Macao traveling salesman also inspected the Guide Kumbum Monastery scenic area, a number of scenic spots, tourism signed a cooperation agreement with Qinghai, "beauty of Qinghai" rich and colorful tourism resources constantly impact on Hong Kong and Macao traveling salesman’s vision and heart, "God must have such a strange beautiful mountains and rivers spread farther, let more steps to set foot on the brigade" Qinghai became members of the delegation sent a consistent voice.  


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