Eight departments jointly remediation campus fire safety

September 3rd, reporters from the provincial public security fire department learned that from August 30th to November 30th, the Qinghai Provincial Education Committee, the provincial Commission, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of public security, culture and News Publishing Bureau and other eight departments jointly carry out school fire safety special rectification action to promote all kinds of schools in fire safety management, to further purify the campus fire safety environment.

it is understood that the fire safety management, all in accordance with the requirements of "local management" and "who is in charge, who is responsible" principle, strictly fulfill the school safety and comprehensive management work of the leadership responsibility, the responsibility system of departments and units of responsibility. The influence of the campus and the surrounding fire safety hazards and problems were registered, and widely carry out fire safety self-examination, mutual promotion and mutual check work. On this basis, the eight departments to form a cohesive force, strike out, to check the group thorough investigation, focusing on inspection, the joint inspection way, comprehensive investigation and remediation of the various types of primary and secondary schools (vocational school), kindergarten and university dormitory, cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasium, library, auditorium and other crowded places, for all types of schools is to establish a sound the fire safety system, fire emergency evacuation plan, whether to carry out fire safety "hukou" management; fire facilities and fire safety signs is good and effective; electrical lines, gas pipeline is regular maintenance inspection; evacuation routes, safety exit, fire channel is unimpeded; whether to organize the teachers and students in evacuation drills and fire fighting training whether the fire safety; knowledge into school teaching content and other aspects of the implementation of supervision. The outstanding problems of safety inspection found, and the weak link of the credit regulation, submitted to local government to supervise the handling of rectification. In addition, in November this year, the eight departments will also carry out activities across the province and results of assessment and acceptance, put forward rectification opinions, summing up the experience, to ensure that all regions and departments of responsibility in the campus and the surrounding fire safety administration work in practice, each link, realistically catch fine. (author: Tang Rong)


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