CBC West Branch to carry out financial knowledge around your service month activities

recently, ICBC Xining branch of ICBC West according to the "financial literacy miles" program "and the relevant requirements, attaches great importance to meticulous organization, combined with our practical, in the whole network under the jurisdiction to carry out the" financial literacy miles "financial knowledge on your side service month" special activities.

, branch of the jurisdiction of all outlets in the foundation of the publicity banners, make full use of part of the network marquee, LCD TV and other publicity carrier, increase the "financial literacy miles" the first phase of financial knowledge on your side service month "activities of propaganda, to further enhance the whole line employees of financial consumer protection service consciousness, efforts to create a strong atmosphere of learning activities and finance, understand financial finance, a good social environment. Especially the wealth management center and West office to give full play to its function advantage, according to the customers and the actual business development, external publicity, dressed in uniform clothing and ribbon, to customers patiently explain the basic knowledge of new products and services, financial knowledge and knowledge of anti-counterfeit currency, and a series of financial Salon and product introduction and marketing service activities combined, promote activities in depth.

through the branch of thematic activities, promote the popularization of the knowledge of Finance and marketing of all kinds of business products, win customers, received good results, effectively improve the overall level of customer satisfaction and service branch. (author: Zhang Xiaomeng)


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