Electric faucet ten brands list

the development of science and technology, so that our product line is constantly enriched, but also to our lives has brought great convenience. Among them, the electric water taps in our lives began to play a role in obtaining a higher recognition. Heating water also known as hot tap or fast hot water tap, comprising a tap body and a water flow control switch, the faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electric control chamber, electric control chamber and the heating chamber separated by a seal plate, electric control chamber is provided with a heating circuit and a heating chamber is arranged in the heating pipe, heating pipe power generally 2-3KW 3-5 seconds out of hot water heating, the heating pipe of the heating circuit.

is characterized by: the heating pipe for heating pipe insulation insulation; heating pipe for water and electricity isolation type insulation heating pipe; the water faucet body most type high temperature resistant plastic engineering, a full metal type; the electrical control chamber is provided with insulating water switch; the heating circuit is arranged in the electric switch, electric switch is connected with the insulation water switch terminal water, electricity, water and electricity; the heating circuit is arranged in the temperature controller and the anti dry heating device; the heating circuit can also be arranged in the leakage protection switch.

electric water faucet features:

1, electric faucet rapid warming: 5 seconds to supply 30-60 degrees of hot water, that is, open to heat, to meet the needs of modern high standard, fast-paced life.

2, electric water faucet operation is simple: single handle operation can realize the water switch, power off, water temperature regulation, water regulation, hot and cold free switch.

electric faucet ten brands list:

electric faucet ten brands list, OTLAN NO.1 OTLAN (A Well-Known Trademark in China, Guangdong province famous trademark, is committed to saving / environmental heat warm product R & D and production enterprises, the leading brand, OTLAN electric appliances (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.)

electric faucet ten brands list NO.2, Yale (founded in 1989, the ten major brands of professional electric faucet, electric hot water heater / electric faucet manufacturer, Hongkong Jahre Electric International Holdings Limited)

electric faucet ten brands list, ABBOT NO.3 ABBOT (one of the electric faucet products manufacturers and sellers of the world’s largest home appliance industry influence brand, industry famous brand, Hongkong Wyeth ABBOT home appliance manufacturing company)

electric faucet ten brands list, NO.4 flight (industry famous brand, set fast thermal product development production and sales of Industrial and Trading Company, ten electric faucet brand, Ningbo Thornton feather Electric Appliance Co. Ltd).


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