Organized by the municipal government of Xining municipal public hospital reform expert seminar

the morning of July 16th, the municipal government organized the Xining city national public hospital reform seminar, the meeting invited the vice president, Community Health Association China secretary general, Professor Chen Bowen, Professor, vice president of Shanghai Fudan University School of social development and public policy Liang Hong, the policies and Regulations Department of the Ministry of health, policy director Chen Ningshan. At the same time attended the seminar as well as the provincial development and reform, finance, preparation, human resources, health and other relevant departments, some provincial medical institutions experts. Municipal departments responsible person, District, county government, health administrative departments and city, county (District) level medical institutions responsible person also attended the meeting. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua attended the meeting, vice mayor presided over the meeting of Wang Xuan. Municipal government deputy secretary general
the experts on the reform of public hospitals in Xining city in 2011, intends to set up a health group and health service management center and the combination of the 4 supporting scheme are analyzed and discussed. Agreed that the establishment of medical health service management center and the joint body is in line with the actual Xining, conducive to the establishment of a mechanism of division of labor in large hospitals and primary health care institutions of enhancing service ability of primary level, optimize the allocation of medical resources, so that limited resources to play a benefit, meet the people’s demand for health services. At the same time, the experts on the establishment of medical health service management center and the joint body, strengthen the linkage provinces, to further explore the separation to separate affairs separate, medicine, in order to highlight the public welfare as the link, the establishment of the new model, the new city medical and health services in the implementation of the basic drug system, the first diagnosis responsibility, two-way referral, put forward the constructive advice to reform the compensation mechanism and incentive mechanism etc..


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